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Engaging God's Vision for the City-wide Church

HarvestNet Ministries is a Kingdom-focused organization composed of church and marketplace leaders with a common vision to see all of NE Ohio wonderfully renewed by the Gospel of the Kingdom. We are linked with other like-minded leaders primarily through relationships of trust. We pray, think and act collaboratively for the purpose of realizing spiritual awakening, an in-gathering of the harvest of humanity, and the transformation of every domain of society in our NE Ohio communities.

Ministry Structure

HarvestNet Ministries is an umbrella entity that works to engage, equip and empower Kingdom-minded Marketplace and Church leaders in northeast Ohio to work together for regional transformation. However, transformation is not a process that only happens in one area, but in many areas simultaneously. HarvestNet has therefore both launched and partnered with others to implement and engage in key transformational efforts.


The preceding diagram illustrates the seven (7) areas of key ministry focus for HarvestNet that have risen to the surface after years of prayer, discussion and involvement in city-reaching efforts. These seven fields of ministry are in various stages of development. All of them have a regional focus, a collaborative approach, and are undergirded by a core value and biblically grounded beliefthat God can and will transform cities. Several of the above areas are being led and provided directive energy by a developmental and governing Team. Representatives of each of these teams sit on the oversight Executive Board, or an Advisory Council.

Origins: Collaboration for Regional Transformation

HarvestNet Ministries was birthed from a prayer meeting of six pastors in January 1998, and built on relationships and trust from over ten prior years of leaders’ prayer meetings hosted by the Christian Leadership Alliance. The original God-given vision was for church and marketplace leaders from across NE Ohio to cooperate and work together to accomplish things they could not do as effectively alone. The big idea that so captured us was the vision – i.e., the preferred future – was that God could bring radical transformation to a whole metropolitan population center, just as HE did in Nineveh centuries ago. This vision is the big picture and core of all we do.