Along with other regional pastors and ministries in NE Ohio, HarvestNet Ministries is committed to participating in an effort to encourage growth of a 24/7 intercessory "Prayer Shield" across the counties of NE Ohio in order to cover our region with continual prayer.  We believe there are several good reason why a 24/7 city-wide "Prayer Shield" would bless North East Ohio:

  • The Scriptures and Church history both testify repeatedly to the value of continual prayer.
  • Also, the Bible specifically designates the city to be a primary focus of continual prayer.
  • Lastly, we have personally experienced the value of continual prayer for NEO in the God Likes You response to the Gay Olympics in 2014 and the Hope Is Here response to the RNC in 2016.

 So to see a "Prayer Shield" actualized in the city we need to do three things:

  1. Celebrate the serious prayer efforts that already exist and make them more widely known.
  2. Connect all current prayer efforts through a common website.
  3. Cover with praying people any of the 168 hours in the week that are not currently filled.

Click here to connect to the NEO Prayer Shield website