One of the unique hallmarks of HarvestNet over the years has been the city-reach conferences that have been hosted at venues all around northeast Ohio. These gatherings typically brought in capable, national level presenters who seemed to be carrying a word from the Lord that had a broader Body of Christ application.

Many conference participants have noted the uniquely different “feel” of these conferences from other very good conferences sponsored by individual congregations or denominations. These conferences were unique in that they were sponsored by the conference leadership teams comprised of leaders from different denominations, worship traditions, etc., which seemed to create a quite unique prevailing climate of unity and camaraderie that was tangible.  Leadership luncheons were typically extremely well-attended – not by those of a certain tribe or stream or followers of an individual - but from across the Body of Christ in northeast Ohio. Several have described them as conferences that gave off the “fragrance of Christ.” Well, then, if that is so, may they continue!