Pastors Prayer Gatherings


Pray with Pastors in the NE Ohio area the 4th Friday of every month!  Locations change so please RSVP at for up to date site location information!

The fact is, the pastors and leaders prayer gatherings are the core and heart of HarvestNet Ministries. The very foundational spiritual DNA of HarvestNet is the 10 years of leaders praying together in the Christian Leadership Alliance. The mandate from the Lord in 1988 was to call for the elders in the gates to band together and pray for spiritual awakening, a boat-swamping harvest of humanity, and city-wide revival and transformation. The pastors prayer gatherings are an embracing of the apostolic leadership imperative of Acts 6:4 that God’s leaders should “give themselves continually to prayer, and to the ministry of the word.” By the law of first mention, prayer is a greater leadership priority than preaching.

This is also the means by which leadership relationships are forged, mutual honor is cultivated, trust grows, and Kingdom partnerships are formed.

CJ Matthews Tom Hare and Steve Neptune