EPIC at ASAP
  • Ray McElroy Sharing the Gospel
  • Girls Praying
    Girls Praying in Rootstown


ASAP (the All School Assembly Program) is a citywide Church collaborative outreach effort to middle and high school students in the seven county area of northeast Ohio, and sometimes beyond. It involves business leaders, multiple churches in a community, para-church ministries and concerned parents working as a coordinated team engaged in a three stage effort that includes:

First, a daytime assembly presenting a positive life-message at the local middle and/or high school (e.g., “You weren’t born a winner or a loser, but a choser… so make good life choices”).

Second, an evening ComeBack at which a powerful Gospel message is presented with an opportunity for attendees to respond with commitment and prayer.

And, third, a follow-up by the participating churches and ministries utilizing one of several possible tools (e.g., an all-day encounter/basic discipleship event, ALPHA course, or similar).