• Renee and Joseph Horevay Pokhara
    Missions Pokhara
  • Joseph Horevay in Nepal
    Nepal mission
  • Qumran Caves
    Qumran Caves
  • Jerusalem Mount of Olives
    Jerusalem Mount of Olives
  • Pine Ridge Indian Reservation
    Pine Ridge Indian Reservation

Glocal Engagement

HarvestNet’s strategy for "glocal" engagement is rooted in the Acts 1:8 command to go to the ends of the earth from our "Jerusalem and Judea"... i.e., live locally, act globally. Northeast Ohio’s rich ethnic composition is a unique location reality that has rendered the Greater Cleveland area in particular as a city of nations, with connections reaching across the globe. It is home to many large ethnic communities, as well as home to one of the major Jewish population centers in the United States. A unique aspect of the HarvestNet global engagement vision is its trans-denominational cooperative focus involving churches and ministries that are engaged globally in Kingdom advancing projects, yet based in northeast Ohio. This team is still under development.