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Leadership Group

The Leadership Group is a cross-denominational and informal network of stakeholders who believe in the vision and mission of HarvestNet.

The Leadership Group provides a regional environment of fellowship, mutual care and support, as well as Kingdom focused collaborative projects for any ministry leader who shares the vision of the cap-C Church in the city. The organizational culture is intentionally focused on building unity to work collaboratively for city-wide transformation, and is comprised of both Kingdom-minded church and marketplace leaders.

Through a variety of events such as bi-monthly pastoral prayer gatherings, retreats, lunch round-tables, seminars and conferences from time to time, the Leadership Group aims to provide opportunities to build relationship and trust building among Kingdom-minded NE Ohio leaders.

  • Sharpen the Axe Forum: Ministry & MarketPlace leaders having relevent and interactive discussions. Currently meeting on ZOOM the third Thursday of...

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  • Quarterly Rabbi-Pastor Round-table Discussions
    HarvestNet Pastoral Leaders meet with Orthodox, Conservative and Reformed Jewish Rabbis to discuss biblical and cultural issues related to both...

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  • One of the unique hallmarks of HarvestNet over the years has been the city-reach conferences that have been hosted at venues all around northeast Ohio.

  • The Scriptures reveal to us that no less a figure than Jesus Himself took “retreats” by pulling away from the demands of ministry to the people. Sometimes He pulled away by Himself, something all...

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  • Pray with Pastors in the NE Ohio area!...

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  • The Word-Deed-Power Conference was on Thursday, September 6 through Saturday, September 8, 2012 at Bay Presbyterian Church, Bay Village, Ohio.  Evening Plenary Speakers, Rich Nathan (Vineyard...

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  • HarvestNet hosts an annual NEO Leadership Summit to gather God's leaders who are called to minister vocationally in either the Work-space or the Church-space (and sometimes both).