• Jim and Nancy Surace Market Place Ministry
    Jim and Nancy Surace Market Place Ministry
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Marketplace Ministry

The Marketplace Ministry module is focused on understanding, embracing and trumpeting the vision and role of Kingdom-advancing ministry in a marketplace context. Although embryonic, the first goal of this ministry effort is to build a strategic and apostolic team of leaders from various marketplace domains who can interface with like-minded church-place leaders concerning the cap-C Church. Various envisioning and relationship-building events are offered from time to time to prophetically proclaim and confirm God's call to spiritual entrepreneurs functioning vocationally in the marketplace.​In 2004 HarvestNet sponsored an initial meeting of Marketplace Leaders to discuss the somewhat vague concept of Marketplace Ministry: What exactly did we mean by the term? How was it similar or different from already existing ministries that focused on leaders in the marketplace that would not duplicate what others were doing ? Finally, what exactly did we sense God was calling HarvestNet to uniquely focus on in this arena, and how were we to engage the various domains of society that corporately comprise "the marketplace?"   Well, thirteen (13) years later, the Lord gave us a pilot project that begins to address the precedin-- Read MORE about our new East Cleveland Kingdom Transformation Project

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