EPIC at ASAP
  • Ray McElroy Sharing the Gospel
  • Girls Praying
    Girls Praying in Rootstown


ASAP (the All School Assembly Program) is a citywide Church collaborative outreach effort to middle and high school students in the seven county area of northeast Ohio, and sometimes beyond. It involves business leaders, multiple churches in a community, para-church ministries and concerned parents working as a coordinated team engaged in a three stage effort.

With the advent of the Covid Pandemic, schools across America were shut down and began virtual education. In order to meet this new reality, HarvestNet pivoted to create a series of virtual ASAP outreaches that consists of 3 elements:

1. A series of 4 video "trailers" of ~ 30sec. length that a school distributes to their students weekly for 4 weeks.

2. On the 5th week, the school shows a series of 5 video "lessons" which can be discussed by the teacher and students afterward.
     Also, students are invited to text in to a follow-up Webinar on the weekend to interact with the presenter live.

3. The weekend following the 5th week videos is the live Webinar with the presenter.
    Also, prayer-counselors and virtual follow-up sessions are provided for those interested.

Here are SAMPLE videos from the 1st ASAP Virtual Assembly Series #1 _ Scott Cariboolad - Motorcylce Stunt Rider:
     SAMPLE: Video Trailer # 1 that precedes the Video Lessons - https://youtu.be/8kbsSv5e0QE

     SAMPLE: Video Lesson # 1 _ SUICIDE - https://youtu.be/BC1IoZ0gUSQ

For further information on getting an ASAP outreach at your school, contact:  danielle@asapamerica.org