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A quiet revolution is taking place in academic circles as scholars sift through myriads of new archeological discoveries and recently translated portions of the Dead Sea Scrolls to give us a picture of a very Jewish Jesus whose first followers were all Jewish and whose Gospels and letters testify, not to the replacement of the Jewish people and their aspirations, but the beginning of their realization. Indeed, a 2008 article in Time magazine listed “Re-Judaizing Jesus” as one of “Ten Ideas That Changed the World.”


This book serves as a sort of “CliffsNotes” summary of the emergent, more holistic, biblically consistent telling of the “Big Story” of God’s purposes for “Israel and the Nations” contained in the mystery of Jesus and the Olive Tree. Armed with this knowledge, you will have a deeper grasp of the hope of the Christian faith, while avoiding the errors of historic anti-Jewish readings of Scripture as well as the prophetic speculations of other popular readings.

Jesus and the Olive Tree: Re-engaging the Mystery

  • Author: Steven A. Neptune

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