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"For My House Shall Be Called A House Of Prayer For All Nations"

Isaiah 56:7

HarvestNet Ministries has been built on a foundation of prayer.​ Our vision remains the same, but the ways in which we seek to engage the body across the Citywide Church continues to develop and grow.


We currently have 4 different areas of energized focus in the Greater Cleveland/Northeast Ohio region at this time:

1. A Citywide House of Prayer initiative 

2. Monthly Pastor Prayer Gatherings 

3. Northeast Ohio Prayer Shield 

4. Solemn Assembly Gatherings 


Some Background to why and when HarvestNet launched into these different expressions of corporate prayer. ​

The Cleveland House of Prayer was initially launched in 1999 after a group of 18 pastors went down to Kansas City and surveyed the newly established Kansas City House of Prayer. Now in 2024, just twenty-five short years later, we feel it is time to relaunch a citywide house of prayer. 

Pastor Prayer Gatherings came about in 2008 when a revelation of the responsibility of the Elders at the Gates, mentioned a number of times in the Bible, came to burn within our hearts for our city. We have now come together and prayed in over 115 different Churches with their Pastoral leadership. On the last Friday of every month, Pastor's gather together to pray for the house (host church rotates every month), pray for one another, and pray for the region. 

(???) Entering into an unprecedented election year in 2016, the stirrings for regional prayer continued to grow stronger. With the understanding that the RNC would be coming to Cleveland, efforts to blanket the city with prayer arose. Some women in the city had a strategic vision to blanket the region with 24/7 prayer. Thus, the Northeast Ohio (NEO) Prayer Shield came forth. 


The most recent expression of corporate prayer gatherings has been in the form of Solemn Assemblies. Starting in 2018, these assemblies were birthed out of the Jewish understanding of ...... (???) 

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