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Our Roots

HarvestNet Ministries was established in January of 1998 as a direct result of a prayer meeting with six pastors. The original God-breathed vision was for Church and Marketplace Leaders from across Northeast Ohio to cooperate and work together in order to accomplish things they could not do as effectively alone. Ten years of cultivating relationships and trust through prayer meetings hosted by the Christian Leadership Alliance [CLA] gave birth to this new idea and major paradigm shift.


What captured our hearts was that God could bring radical transformation to an entire metropolitan center just as He did in Nineveh centuries ago.


In coming together in prayer, we began to recognize that we would need to work together -- just as the disciples had to call other fishermen to help them because their nets were bursting -- to see this kind of citywide transformation sustained through unified leadership across a unified Church in all spheres of society [the citywide church].


This idea is the big picture and core of all we do.

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