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Wed, Jul 19


Molech Arising...


Sharpen-the-Axe is an online Forum hosted by HarvestNet Ministries to edify and connect the body of Christ on current events through a Kingdom perspective.


Time & Location

Jul 19, 2023, 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM

Molech Arising...

About the event

TOPIC: Molech Arising...The Battle for Children Intensifies

A Critically Important Conversation on WHAT YOU & YOUR FRIENDS can do in the Expanding Battle for Our Children.

GUEST PRESENTER: Aaron Baer (President: Center for Chrisitan Virtue ) Columbus, Ohio

This upcoming ZOOM Forum for leaders, parents & grandparents will give you an in-depth debrief of the evident clashing of the kingdom of darkness & the Kingdom of Light in the halls of our lawmakers.

Our Forum guest, Aaron Baer, will be sharing about the conflict in the statehouse of "woke" lobbyists & ideologues who seek to establish catastrophically harmful policy decisions that continue to tear down protections for our children.

Aaron and his team at the Center for Christian Virture (CCV.ORG) have been doing a stellar job of "fighting the good fight" in the sphere of state government public policy. We will be blessed to have our own Robert Kilo from NE Ohio with us as well. Robert is newly joined to the mission of CCV.

Aaron will be discussing what each person can do - from anyone of goodwill and desirious of sane public policy to parents, grandparents and concerned leaders in the churches and the workplaces in this state.

Whether your level of engagement is earnest prayer or seeking public office, it is necessary to be informed of what is afoot in our land. Revisionist history, gender confusion grooming to genital mutilation of minors, anti-Semitic falsehoods and more are becoming tools of indoctrinating the youth of the land - not just via the cultural evangelists in arts, media, entertainment & now sports - but via the textbooks and curriculum of U.S. classrooms, as well.

If our young people are exposed to God's truth for 30-45 minutes on a Sunday - and are then marinated in information that ranges from flat out wrong to vile and evil, it's not hard to predict some expected outcomes.

Get informed, and get engaged to ensure our next generation of youth is guided by true facts, and not ideological and dystopian agendas that crush hope and undermine virtue, goodness and faith.

Request a Zoom link below if you are not already on the Sharpen-the-Axe roster:

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