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HarvestNet Institute

Need Training For Transformation?

We believe that we, the Church, are God’s instrument to fulfill His purposes in the earth as a primary agent by which God’s Kingdom comes to “earth as it is in heaven.”

As such, we are commissioned to reach out to the lost in our own communities as well as across cultures and in every nation throughout the world. 

To this end the Church is also called to develop spiritual leaders and to mobilize the believing community.

Can the local church do it alone? Or more importantly, should the local church do it alone? We at HarvestNet Institute believe the answer is no. We believe it requires a citywide Church to reap a citywide, and ultimately a worldwide, harvest.

Currently HarvestNet Institute offers a bi-yearly intensive study tour program in Israel.

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 The Vision & Philosophy of HarvestNet Institute

The citywide Church—one Church of many congregations—is a formidable force of talent, diversity, gifting, and anointing. In fact, it is within the citywide Church, throughout its local expression, that God has given “some to be apostles, some to be prophets, some to be evangelists, and some to be pastors and teachers, to prepare God's people for works of service...” [Eph. 4:11].

It is in unity that the Church has strength and it is in unity that the Church has the ability to raise up the leadership needed to reap the coming harvest. It is this common vision of unity, strength, and anointing that birthed HarvestNet Ministries.

HarvestNet therefore represents many leaders coming together to meet the challenge to train the workers in this region. By reaching into the greater Body of Christ, HarvestNet aims to help provide the resources you need to fulfill your specific call in God.

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